Omnia Express 7 : Pankapu Episode 2 is in development


All aboard the Omnia Express, we are going back to our adventure inside the dream world!!! It’s been two month already, since you jumped into this world. You fought your first nightmares side by side with Chii, met some new allies, like Ohiti and Vaya, and for the more persevering of you, you discovered the beginning of the story of Djaha’rell. But now, some questions remain unanswered: “Where is Ohoko?”, “Who’s that Lady in Black that appears at the end of the episode?”and most of all “Does Iketomi is the illegitimate son of the Silver Surfer and an Oscar?” And … –>

The gates of Omnia open on September 21st


All the team of Too Kind Studio is proud to announce the release of Pankapu for the 21st of September. Let’s celebrate this great event with a new logo and a brand new Key Art Save the date, the gates of Omnia will open soon:   You can already add Pankapu to your Steam wish list right here:

Omnia Express n°5


Omnia Express n°5 Hello everyone, how are you? As for us, everything’s going smoothly… Though the heat is killing us with our (Northern) sunny exposure, greenhouse effect bonus, but we’re not afraid of anything, and this heat only strengthens our determination! Besides, today, we would like to present you our latest progress, because we’re working hard here 😉 Today’s schedule: a focus on the menu and one on the collectables. This will give you a better idea of what you’ll be able to do and meet in the world of Dreams. All aboard the Omnia Express, here we go! We … –>